frontend vs backend


Hi Everyone and welcome back to EWC blog section. First of all, I want to use the opportunity to wish my readers a late happy new year 2020. I hope you guys are excited about what this year has to offer. I certainly am, as I have new and fresh preceptive on moving ahead with EWC. During my almost 5 years’ experience working as a web consultant, I have mostly worked and enjoyed the front-end aspect of web development. I have had some few opportunities to work on back-end tasks as well. However, I always still see myself embracing the front-end aspects. It may come to a time when we ask ourselves, why choose one over the other? They might be various reasons why we have a preferential connection to one. 


– Enjoy graphical aspects of web development but don’t have the design skills of the graphic designer 

– Flexibility with coding languages 

– Loves HTML, CSS and JavaScript 

– Loves working on how a website looks. 

Back end 

– Loves working on how a website works. 

– Can spend hours on end with high level programming languages 

– Database knowledge anyone? 

– Critical thinking 

In recent years, due to the rise of framework releases such as react.js, Angular etc., front-end development has evolved from just focusing on the graphical interface to much more complex development tasks relying on data and API integrations.   


Stay tuned for my next blog 🙂