Discussion on image optimization for your website

Last week, I happen to attend a very interesting session organized by WordPress Meetups Genève (Geneva). In the presentation,there was a list of various tools and techniques for optimizing images in WordPress websites.

You will be surprised on how many pixels you can save up applying certain tweaks; thus increasing considerable the speed of your site. The sizes of image contents are very crucial to the overall performance of your website. It’s good to keep in mind that it is possible to reduce the size of our image while maintaining high quality. 

Optimizing images

In WordPress, we have various plugins such as WPSmush, reSmush or EWWW Image Optimizer that helps to compressed most image formats, but here is a list of some methods you can use on the go:

We can also use these methods on other website development platform as well. Overall, the presentation definitely benefits web developers like me, as well as newbies and site owners. If you like to learn more on optimizing images in WordPress websites, you can view the presenters slide here